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CBS Maxi-Vac and Maxi-Pac Retrofill Solution for
Low & Medium Voltage Switchgear

CBS Maxi-Vac and CBS Maxi-Pac retrofill solutions upgrade existing apparatus to current arc interrupting technology and provide savings in installation cost and downtime.

CBS Power Products offers a full range of retrofill solutions for low and medium voltage switchgear uses the proven technology of Maxi-Vac and Maxi-Pac circuit breakers. The retrofill provides a new cradle and circuit breaker, along with a new solid state trip device in each refurbished breaker cell.

A Maxi-Pac retrofill solution includes:
  • All new cradle and circuit breaker

  • Customized connection between the cradle and the switchgear line and load side bus

  • A modern, state of the art solid state protective relay

  • Factory-trained technicians to oversee the complete retrofill

  • Standard 18 month warranty from date of purchase

  • Availability for most manufacturers of 600V - 38kV ANSI switchgear, including GE, Square D, Cutler Hammer - Westinghouse, Allis Chalmers, Siemens Allis, FPE, Gould, Merlin Gerin, and ITE-ABB.

Benefits of a Retrofill Solution include:

  • Less downtime than is required for a new switchgear solution

  • Electrical system upgrade to high interrupting ability for a minimized expense

  • Replaces old electrical mechanical trip devices and relays with modern solid state devices

  • Eliminates the need for obsolete or unavailable parts

  • Warranty and support from the national Group CBS organization

Maxi-Pac Low
Voltage Retrofill

Maxi-Vac Medium
Voltage Retrofill

Extend the life of your existing equipment. Consider a cost effective Maxi-Vac or Maxi-Pac retrofill solution.

CBS Power Products, Inc.
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